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Nu Quest Assessments' Centre

Now you can get access to a wide range of assessment tools covering the majority of areas which individuals and employers are interested in -  ability, personality, leadership, emotional intelligence, motivation, selling skills, team roles, health and well-being. Email / call us for more information.



Big Five Personality Questionnaire (B5PQ). The B5PQ assesses twenty dimensions of personality covering the five main domains of personality which are known as the Big Five factors - extraversion, agreeableness, openness to change, conscientiousness and emotional stability.


Competency Potential Questionnaire (CPQ). The CPQ draws on findings from the Big Five factor model of personality and the Great 8 framework of competencies. It has eight scales covering cognitive ability, achievement motivation, power motivation, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and emotional stability.




Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI). The LPI assesses leadership potential against twenty management and leadership competencies covering four key leadership areas which are defined as developing the vision, sharing the goals, gaining support and delivering success.


Transformational Leadership Questionnaire (TLQ). The TLQ assesses eight transformational leadership competencies defined as empathy, feedback, achievement, commitment, performance, empowerment, communication, and motivation.



The Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) assesses the critical elements of work that influence a person's motivation in a job. It measures twenty motivational dimensions covering five global factors - drive, control, challenge, relationships, and rewards.




Selling Skills Questionnaire (SSQ). The SSQ assesses the same selling skills as the SCQ but in an ipsative format. It compares a person's selling skills in one area with their selling skills in another area. It is self-referenced rather than norm-referenced.

Team Roles


The Team Roles Questionnaire (TRQ) assesses ten diverse team roles covering areas such strategic thinking, project and quality management, interpersonal roles such as negotiation, group working and coaching, and newer skill areas such as ethical awareness. The TRQ is a self-referenced ipsative tool that compares a person's team role skills in one area with their team role skills in another area.


Health and Well-being


Stress Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). The SAQ assesses seventeen dimensions of stress covering possible sources of stress, common symptoms, coping style, personality factors, and impact on mental health.


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