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At Nu Quest, our guiding philosophy is that any training must lead to effective learning and the desire to apply that learning when back at work or for personal life.  We believe that people will learn best when they are relaxed, motivated, engaged and energized. To achieve this, we ensure that all our training programs are fun, interactive, inspirational, current, relevant and, most of all, memorable. This philosophy applies to all of our training programs and courses, whether it is a management training program, strategic planning or team development program.


We believe that it is not enough just to impart knowledge. Our training workshops focus on how to apply that learning in practical ways through skill development. We achieve this by making our courses active, experiential and engaging. We apply a wide range of cutting edge learning reinforcement methods including collaborative learning, use of various psychometric instruments such as DiSC profiling, TetraMap, Brain Mode Power and learning journeys.

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Assessing Needs

Assessing Needs - We help to identify your performa nce needs


- Evaluate current performance


- Solidify objectives


- Identify barriers to reaching objectives


- Help you manage change

program design

Program Design - We create a custom designed program 


- Adventures & retreats


- Lectures & seminars


- Strategic planning


- Group learning experiences


Implementation - Our programs achieve objectives


- They are managed by our professional staff

- You get effective small group facilitation

- We draw consensus 

- We develop results based action plan

follow through

​Follow through - We evaluate program impact by providing

- Useful evaluations

- Specific recommendations

- Continued leadership coaching

- Planning of your next steps

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