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Testimonial 1

When I joined this course, I was filled with doubt that I would gain anything. I was fearing it would be a waste of time and effort travelling all the way from Bahrain to Qatar. On the contrary, I was surprised and delighted to have had this wonderful experience where the approach and learning material was very useful and educative. I have learned in this course what I have not in five other leadership courses within the past few years. “


Khalid Sangoor, Bahrain​



Testimonial 2


I can ay that this training shows us a practical techniques on how to influence behaviour and attitudes, resolve disputes & able to build positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace which I’m able to see it the moment I step in the office on Monday morning after 1 ½ day training.  Simple yet powerful.

Linda Lor

Branch Manager

Allianz General Insurance Co.(M) Bhd 

Testimonial 3

Thank you for being part of Accenture Journey.  We are pleased with the overall conduct of the teambuilding activity.  We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility in incorporating our suggestions and comments during the preparation.


Nu Quest did a good job in putting together activities which tied up to our core values.  I believe the participants were able to grasp Accenture’s values as evidenced by the photo collage/sharing/debrief.  Further, it was good that the warm up exercises tried to let the participants get to know each other and not only amongst their respective teammates.


Overall, I believe Accenture Journey was a success.


Trini Ann Vargas

Human Resources – Recruitment , Accenture ( Singapore)

Testimonial 4

I would like to commend Nu Quest for the memorable team—building event organized for the Swiber ORD (Organization Resources & Development) Department. The ORD Department is composed of three distinct, functional teams: HR Operations and Payroll, Recruitment & Training and Corporate Relations and Communications – and these teams were only merged as one department three months back – so we really needed a good team building program to improve on the communication gaps and to align our goals into one common team vision.

I appreciated Shahrill's approach from the onset as he was very keen to know the dynamics of the team and even our individual profiles. From this, he was able to customize what activities will give the best learning applications and maximize the full day. Moreover, prior to the event, Nu Quest sent out survey forms to each of us so they can better diagnose what ails the team. Because of this – Shahrill was able to connect with each individual and give comments that were appropriate and spot-on. One thing I also liked was how the teams were re-shuffled constantly throughout the day, allowing each of us to have the opportunity to get to know each other better. The de-brief after every activity was purposeful and straight to the point. There was also time for self-reflection and open discussion.

It was indeed a Saturday well-spent, and I am grateful that even the moms in the team – with infants and toddlers – stayed on and appreciated the course. It was learning while having fun – and at the end of the day – we realized that we have more things in common to bind us than differences to keep us apart. Thank you Shahrill and Kenny! Thank you for the wonderful photos, fun activities, and the tokens to remember the event by.

We look forward to Nu Quest impacting the other Departments in Swiber as well!

Adora M Macazo

Senior Manager


Testimonial 5


​The Key Personnel retreat facilitated by Nu Quest was engaging and useful in helping us to have better appreciation of our colleague's personalities. The team benefited from the company's professional planning and the constructive activities and inputs geared towards our school's improvement. Shahrill's strong knowledge of subject matter and skilful delivery to engage participants are greatly appreciated too. Thank you!


Yuying Secondary School

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