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Leadership Excellence

Leadership is the number one factor for effective organizational performance today. It is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a word that inspires us to be our best; a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. In short, leadership is a significant part of the answer to whatever challenges our organizations may face. Being an effective leader involves much more than just getting things done. It involves getting the right things done by developing and managing motivated, high- performing teams.

This leadership modules have been designed for managers, team leaders and other business professionals responsible for developing and leading high performance teams and who desire to enhance their empowering leadership and management skills.

LS 001: Management and Applied Leadership


Course Overview: Participants will be able to identify the basic functions of management and the complexities of their role in a global economy. The different types of organizational structures and their impact on organizational performance will be identified. Identify the different approaches to, and applications of, management and leadership theory and practice. Discuss how to achieve cooperative and effective work-group members through effective business communications. Understand the change process and the impact of change on organizations.

LS 002: Apollo 13: Lessons of Leadership


Course Overview: "Houston, we have a problem!" These words, spoken by astronaut Jim Lovell, remind us of the Apollo 13 story - an explosion aboard a space capsule 200,000 miles from earth. The mission changed from landing men on the surface of the moon to returning the 3-man crew safely to earth, against unbelievable odds. The mission has been called a "successful failure". An exciting and motivating story, for sure. But what can we learn from this event in our nation’s history that we can apply to business today? Apollo 13 Leadership training teaches the 13 key leadership learnings from the Apollo 13 mission.

LS 003: Leading and Managing Change and Transitions


Course Overview: Change Management describes the characteristics of leadership in change as a human event and discusses various effects on individuals. Through case study and group participation, we explore the dynamics of change within groups of people and within organizations, and the effects of change on a formal organization. Identify crucial themes that drive change, categories of change within organizations, and apply this knowledge to leading and managing the change. Discussion of various change strategies and selecting strategies appropriate to specific situations within the workplace are presented.

LS 004: Ladders to Leadership

Course Overview: Setting the Foundations of the Team; Establishing Expectations; Identifying When to Lead, Follow, or Hand-off; One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Using the Right Motivation for the Right Person; The Dangers of Overused Feedback; Accountability – Whose Job Is it; Building a Level Playing Field.

LS 005: Surviving Leadership 101

Course Overview: A course designed to develop those leadership skills necessary to make it through those times when it seems that all is against you. This course is not about changing your leadership style or teaching you the one technique that will solve all your problems. It is about giving you a different perspective on leading in ways that you might not have heard or thought about before.

LS 006: The Secret of Influencing Others


Course Overview: Participants will be led to a new way of thinking about the topics of motivation and influence in the professional environment. An influence model will be introduced and extensively discussed. The model's practical applications will be presented to the participants by the facilitator, providing them with another tool for use in their professional activities that affect others' behaviour as well as their own.

LS 007: Your International Cultural Competence


Course Overview: Successful business leaders know and value the diversity in today's marketplace with regard to potential clients. Specifically, successful leaders seek information to help them appreciate the international marketplace and provide services to members of cultures different than their own. Participants will raise their awareness of different cultures with regard to professional transactions. The participants also will begin to craft a business strategy to target the needs of different cultures and offer services to address those needs with success and respect.

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