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Service Excellence


Nu Quest is proud to be the Certified Customer Service Consultant & trainer for Service Quality Institute USA.

We We would recommend a three year plan designed to help your organization create a customer service culture. Phase sequence will be tailored to your environment. Every four to six months, the next Customer Service Program should be kicked off. We recommend 12 months between BAD and GOOD Idea Campaigns for maximum impact.


If money is a concern, start with the BAD cost reduction campaign  and use some of the savings to fund the entire three year service culture plan. It's low risk and inexpensive.

The price starts from $217 per person each year for 3 years for 50-99 employees and goes down to $38 per person for 10,000 or more employees. There is no charge for employee turnover. It is like a buffet. You can use any of our programs as much as you want, as fast as you want and in any order.

Develop a Culture to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Having a good customer service culture and customer satisfaction requires the commitment of management, supervisors and front-line employees to create and maintain a strong business philosophy. Mastering these aspects means becoming more competitive in the marketplace today. Use our customer service programs to create a customer service culture.

Strategic Plan for Company / Corporate Change

  1. Empowerment: A Way of Life - is a program that is easy to implement and benefits everyone. The tips and techniques can be used every day, at work, at home, and in the community. Everyone– new and experienced personnel–should participate in order to explore in constructive group discussion how each person can use empowerment to the company’s long-term advantage.

  2. LET (Leading Empowered Teams) - Two-day seminar designed to get management emotionally committed to exceptional service and trained to reinforce empowered action and improve performance. Focus is on empowerment, team building, coaching, feedback and strategic positioning. It sets the foundation for a culture and Customer Service.

  3. Feelings - An effective video based customer service program and learning system with user friendly facilitator guide, DVD's and participant material. Implemented in three sessions of two to four hours each. Designed to change attitudes and behaviors. It teaches the skills of customer service and builds people from within by improving their self worth and self esteem.

  4. BAD Campaign (Buck-A-Day) - A 30-day total involvement idea campaign designed to eliminate waste and reduce costs. The campaigns are uncomplicated, involve the line staff, easy to implement and arouse interest because they use recognition and are designed to be fun.

  5. Speed - Do it Fast. Do it Now. Do it Right. Dramatically shrink the time it takes your staff and organization to get things done. Speed consists of a 2 session program that is 3-4 hours, facilitator guide, 2 DVD's, videos or CD's and a participant kit.

  6. Moving Up - Gets employees to believe in themselves, remove self imposed limitations and become indispensable and extraordinary. A two session program.

  7. Remember Me - Remember Me dramatically improves your employee’s ability to remember and easily use a customer’s name–and overcome roadblocks to remembering–significantly improving their overall customer service experience.

  8. Loyal For Life - A three-four hour service recovery and empowerment program designed to teach employees how to bring a customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds.

  9. Service First Video Library - Twelve videos (DVD's) that teach the skills needed to demonstrate quality customer service and help you create a service culture. The programs are designed to improve moral, interpersonal communication and reduce complaints.

  10. Good Idea Campaign - A 30-day campaign that puts focus on quality and customer satisfaction. An exciting event that promotes widespread employee participation-built on the premise that people closest to problems frequently have worthwhile ideas. Offers a refreshing change of pace from the normal work routine.

  11. Exceptional Service - A four-hour customer service program designed to get employees to provide exceptional service. Personnel will learn how to identify customer service opportunities - inside and outside the organization - as well as how to capitalize on each opportunity to maximize profit.

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