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Team Excellence

Nu Quest team excellence programs incorporate both classroom and experiential learning. Participants first learn to understand each team member; their wants, needs, motivations, and how to best utilize their strengths and compensate for weaknesses. They then learn how to pull the team together, create cohesiveness, build trust, respect and credibility within the team, empower others, and communicate and persuade without seeming "pushy".


Then, through a series of experiential activities, they actually experience the learned concepts in action. Key skills are put into practice and internalized for fuller understanding. Appreciation of each other's needs, opinions and perspectives emerge during these exercises and generally remain in place long after. Participants experience, first hand, what they must do to manage moods and resolve differences in order to build and maintain a team spirit and mutual cooperation. They learn ways to communicate and cooperate, even with those they perceive as "difficult".


Each team excellence program is an enjoyable, insightful workshop (or retreat) that will not only generate fond memories for all in the group, but will continue to reap positive benefits for a lifetime.

TM 001: Build Your Top Team


Course Overview: The  is a no-nonsense learn-and-play session designed for a high-level audience. Session outcomes are achieved not only by information input, but also by activating strategic thinking, lateral thinking and creative thinking through experiential and adventure-based activities and personal interactions. In view of the fact that the workshop is also for the mid-management and supervisor level, the thinking-skill part of the training will not be over-emphasized but integrated into a broad concept of general attitude training.

TM 002: One Team, One Vision


Course Overview: This is a programme that quickly creates a common sense of purpose and shared commitment to action. A powerful five-step process increases the effectiveness of the team regardless of its seniority or functionality.  The team alignment programme takes a pragmatic, hands-on approach to getting a new team to work effectively together much faster than standard approaches. Rather than waiting for the strategy and cultures to be decided upon or cascaded down, we start from the bottom up with the consideration of this very practical question: "How will you and I work together effectively tomorrow?"

TM 003: Bringing Corporate Values to Life


Course Overview: Organizations increasingly put values at the heart of their activities. Whether trying to create a new culture after a merger or acquisition, seeking to produce a significant improvement in performance or aiming to be a first choice place to work, values – brand and corporate - are often the only competitive differentiator. Instead of reading about the company values in the employee handbook or on the wall of the office reception area, the message is much more powerful and meaningful when delivered experimentally.

TM 004: Multi-Cultural Team


Course Overview: In this global business climate, peak performance can only be achieved through uniting all employees.  However, a related effect of globalization is an increasingly diverse workforce which makes cohesive teamwork problematic.  In this highly experiential workshop, participants learn about the potential misunderstandings within multicultural groups and how to overcome such misunderstandings.  They are also shown how to make the most of cultural differences and use such differences to enhance team dynamics.

TM 005: Superior Service with Teaming


Course Overview: Organizations must use all resources effectively and efficiently in order to be successful. In the provision of excellent service, staff members, whether they have direct or indirect contact with the customer, are your most valuable resource. Providing quality customer service requires staff members who work together – staff members who work as a team. To be effective, a team must have members who understand mutual respect, sharing information, problem solving and the importance of teamwork to the success of the business.

TM 006: Analyzing Workplace War Zones


Course Overview: A team would be worthless if everyone agreed on every issue. The purpose of teams is to facilitate discussions and foster creativity. Sometimes the same discussions and creative thoughts that help the team can also bring about conflict. Nobody is perfect and not everyone is going to get along. It's important that teams identify and target any problems before they escalate. This highly interactive workshop will provide participants the skills needed to recognize why teams stop working, identify why battles begin, learn how to target team problems, and develop the skills to discuss problems as a team.

TM 007 : Serious Fun Team Building Events

Some of Top of the Chart Team Building Events:

• Amazing race like events – scavenger hunts,
• Strategic Challenges
• Team Picture Perfect
• In Sync
• Business Wargame
• TeamLympics
• Team CSI
• Corporate Adventure Simulations
• Outdoor adventure activities

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