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Psychometric profiling are high-leverage tools to accomplish multiple objectives and increase effectiveness in flexible communication and utilizing individuals’ strengths. These tools are widely used in executive and leadership coaching applications and pinpoint a person’s development opportunities. The tools we use are utilized in over 80 countries worldwide, translated into more than 10 languages and are properly validated instruments. They are especially designed for workplace and personal discovery applications.

The Psychometric profiling workshops are always presented in a fun filled learning environment, yet deeply meaningful. You can choose to have the psychometric profiling as stand-alone programme or embed it within a customized workshop.


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All Videos

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PF 001: DiSC Personality Profiling


Course Overview : The DiSC tool helps individuals better understand themselves and others in a specific work environment to strengthen team bonding through better understanding of self and others. Participants will receive a DiSC Personalized Assessment that will reveal a person’s natural tendencies and behaviours when it comes to dealing with others and situations in their current work environment.



Your style is usually one dominant and 1 or 2 back-up styles:

D is Dominant,

• I is Influencer

• S is Steady

• C is Conscientious

You will find this personality profiling training session very helpful to every level of the organizations or even at personal level . After the course, it will be easy to pick out the types of your team members, friends and family members. The workshop not only teaches the four styles, but also teaches how to flex your style and communications to interface better with the other three styles.

DISC Profiling
PF 002: TetraMap


Course Overview : TetraMap is a model that simplifies the complex. It maps nature into four basic Elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire then uses the metaphor of nature for us to look at the nature of human behaviour.


So knowing our nature via TetraMap can:

• Earth: take us forward to achieve goals

• Air: help us design systems to work and plan together

• Water: help us acknowledge diversity for our well-being and caring

• Fire: inspire and excite us to create brighter futures


TetraMap places these Elements on the simple but beautiful form of a tetrahedron. It reflects nature and unfolds into a TetraMap. Each side is equal and offers a different perspective, a different point from which to view the world. Yet no two perspectives oppose each other! That’s the very special nature of TetraMap. It guides us to see ourselves, others, and the world around us from multiple perspectives. There is more to life than good/bad, black/white, yes/no, right/wrong and yet this is how we often choose to interpret our experience. Binary symmetry is the first thing we naturally look for, and when found, often stops us from looking further.


TetraMap uses nature as a metaphor, and the premise that we are all connected and inter-dependent. Whether we believe that premise at a pragmatic, spiritual, systemic or scientific point of view, it is a unifying approach that crosses the multiple boundaries we create as human beings.


TetraMap develops people, organisations and businesses the way nature intended.


PF 003: Brain PathWays™


Course Overview : Brain PathWays™ is the career advice, career guidance and information you need for career planning, development and success. Align your work with how your brain is wired.



Your neuroscience strengths determine the careers and jobs you are best at. If you are “right brained” you likely enjoy jobs that involve open ended situations, creative problem solving and imagination. On the other hand, if you are “left brained” you may prefer jobs involving logic, order, processes and realism. Do you most prefer tasks and projects involving action oriented hands-on activities, work with visual media or listening patiently and attentively to others?


When you are engaged in a job or career that your brain is wired for, you experience fulfillment and success. Doesn’t it make sense that when your work matches your strengths, you excel? Performing work that does not engage your brain strengths is more difficult, frustrating, stressful and less productive, not to mention, no fun at all.

Selecting your first job or next can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Finally, a neuroscience solution is available to successfully navigate this essential life pathway.

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