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TR 001: Training 101


Course Overview: Training 101 is geared toward new training professionals. It provides participants with a strong "how-to" overview of the entire training function: Needs Analysis, Design/Development, Delivery, and Evaluation. Participants will leave fully prepared and confident to tackle any training assignment.


TR 002: Creative Training Techniques


Course Overview: The aim of this CTT workshop is to provide trainers , teachers and instructors with the skills and confidence to deliver participative and engaging training courses to groups of all sizes. Participants will learn the how to design creative ways of delivering course material and how to ensure that the training delivered meets delegate’s needs. The course will encourage individuals to use their own unique style of training and identify their strengths as a trainer. Individuals will learn how to promote group interaction and involvement, use of creative training aids and creative activities to increase the learning of others in a creative, fun and colourful way.


TR 003: Bag of Tricks

Course Overview: This workshop has been designed in response to participants requests for an extended range of experiential activities and debriefing techniques. The day involves a 'quick-fire' tour through over 20 innovative new games as well as twists and variations on favouritesold . Each participant will receive a copy of the Bag of Tricks resource booklet with detailed instructions for over 50 activities.



TR 004: Instructional Techniques


Course Overview: Instructional Techniques for aspiring practicing each individual skill. Participants will receive specific feedback from the master facilitator and your peers and leave with your own videotape, feedback sheets, and suggestions for improvement.facilitators / trainers / instructor provides the key "survival" skills you need as a new facilitators / trainers/ instructors / teachers. Build your confidence



TR 005: Make Your Training Last


Course Overview: Make Your Training Last you how to secure buy-in and support for training and performance throughout your entire . This practical workshop gives you a set of comprehensive tools and techniques to ensure training really last or “sticks” back on the job; long after a course is completed.organisation



TR 006: Games that Teach


Course Overview: This creative workshop shows you how to design games that teach. Learn how to select, design, and facilitate games that boost the fun factor while maximizing learning. Turn “boring low energy training into an exciting and memorable experience.“ ,



TR 007: Training Needs Analysis


Course Overview: Training Needs Analysis gives you a faster needs analysis approach that is realistic in today's climate. It shows you how to apply a highly-effective procedure for determining whether or not training is the solution to a job performance problem. Return to your job with the key skills and confidence to gain acceptance and recognition for your recommendations to management.

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