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Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence modules cover all of the essentials skills necessary for enhancing personal productivity in the workplace. There will be discussions of self-management, career development , relationship management, managing one's emotions, understanding personalities at work  and process improvement techniques. The training will equip all the participants with tools that will help them to focus on achieving excellence in carrying out their responsibilities.



PE 001: Crafting my Career Success


Course Overview: To be successful, most professionals must learn to turn the financial, emotional, and physical challenges of their careers to their advantage. Participants will reflect upon their professional choices and personal lives through a series of brief exercises and activities. Participants will identify opportunities to re-define themselves, professionally and personally.

PE 002: Personal Impact Skills


Course Overview: Being technically good at your job is not sufficient today – you must also be able to communicate, influence and motivate colleagues and clients. Many people, however, are left to acquire these skills through a process of trial and error. This practical and lively course will increase your self-awareness and develop your interpersonal skills so you come across with positive impact, whatever the situation.

PE 003: Managing Workplace Conflicts

Course Overview: Conflict is one of the most destructive behaviours in business. Handling conflict in the workplace is one of the most challenging. This exciting course will equip participants with practical techniques that they can use to perform effectively in any difficult work situation. Our natural response when confronted with conflict is to either run away or stay and battle it out. Either way, we can sometimes feel uncomfortable with the results, either because we had we have imposed our will on another, or they have imposed their will on us. These situations can be successfully managed when equipped with the techniques to deal with them, allowing conflict to be resolved and a mutually acceptable compromise to be reached.

PE 004: Managing Emotions


Course Overview: Increase awareness of emotions – yours and others. Examine emotional vocabulary. Identify common emotions that evaluate and provoke. Explore the sources of emotions, the emotion iceberg and emotional intensity. Practice "communicate and respond" emotions role-plays for effective resolution skills. Establish boundaries for the emotions of others.

PE 005: What's My Type?


Course Overview: This personal discovery workshop will look at personality types, gaining an understanding of the key motivations of each type and how those motivators impact behaviour. We will look at how each personality type manages stress, personal relationships, communication, and identify ways for maximizing your personal power and potential at work, as well as other areas of your professional and personal life

PE 006: Present with Pizzazz


Course Overview: Participants will learn how to prepare for, and the dynamics of effective presentations. Investigate ways to research and identify the audience’s needs, the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of presentation media, and effective techniques to capture and maintain audience attention. Based on your target learning objectives, participants in this course will receive training through presentation, exercises, role-plays and “Live Presentation” for feedback analysis.

PE 007: ME! The Brand


Course Overview: In today’s fast-paced business world, quick decisions are made based on intuition and instinct. With Internet, email, video conferencing and home working, it’s easy to believe that face-to-face communication is no longer important. Nothing could be further from the truth – in reality PEOPLE are becoming the differentiator in every business today. When we get swept up in busy lives, it’s often inevitable that we miss the fundamental tools that can make life easier. This course is all about maximizing that business tool that we all have – that of our personal image and personal brand, and how to use it to propel you towards even greater exposure and career success.

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