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Want to DiSCover which career that best suit you ?

Matching career to your DISC personality

  • Explore career options

  • Create a personal career option list

  • Receive advice on job trends and requirements

  • Find out what careers best fit your personality

Our approach is different than most other online resources.  We start with your personality style and personality traits which reveals a great deal about your task-orientation and what motivates you. We do not try to tell you what you are interested in. Instead, we break out various career options in grouping that are likely to appeal to you. From there, you can choose careers that sound appealing and refine your list until you have a list of options that ALL sound good to you! You can then research each career to further help you identify your interest level. 

It is all about helping you to explore what careers you are interested in, and we know that you are the one best able to judge what you would like to do. We just make the selection process easy ... like choosing your favourite food.

DO NOT wait for that career to come to you. NOW its time for YOU to choose the career that YOU WANT that BEST suits your personality.


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Please share with us the information below so that we can send you more details about the career profiling. Rest assured that the information collected is solely for the purpose of this Raikan Ilmu 2020 event.

Compulsory Webinar : 18th October 2020 


Payment via 


by 17th October 2020

For enquiries , please


8368 0168

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