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Give Your Team A Strategic Edge
Accelium PRO helps individuals and teams build the critical higher-order skills they need to excel. The programs  introduce participants to powerful tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts for analysis, problem solving and decision making . Through a fun, reflective learning process that uses various strategy games, Accelium Pro develops strategic thinking skills, helping participants become more methodical and resilient.


  • Modular - adapts to your organizational needs

  • Easily blended into your training schedule

  • Addresses multiple experience levels

  • Creates a strong motivational effect

  • Also provides great value for non-managers at leading roles

  • Engaging management training with a long-lasting effect


  • A profound, fascinating plan for senior managers

  • Focused process for busy top executives

  • Game-based evaluation generates a rich learner profile

  • Led by seasoned Accelium coaches

  • Helps leaders identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Exposes managers to innovative strategies

  • Teaches practical, concrete methods


  • A captivating game-based mobile-learning solution

  • Flexible - learners engage with the system anytime, anywhere

  • Higher completion -  bite-sized modules make it easier for participants to initiate learning and reach their goals

  • Better retention - immersive, iterative experience improves short and long-term retention

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