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Associate Consultant & Creative Designer

Azmi’s passion for learning and transformation led him to join Team Nu Quest. As one of the lead program designer and trainer ,he has creatively designed several team programs with the use of technological equipment that includes digital cameras and moe recently the table pc. An ex-SAF Officer, he has vast experience in leadership training and development where he had trained and inspired some of the best  officer cadets in Officer Cadet School, DELTA Wing (where all the potential scholars were selected and groomed) for four years. His last appointment was Head of Branch (Liaison & Training) in an overseas training base where he manages civilian & military relations and movement of SAF troops into the country. He also manages and develops training requirements of SAF troops in the country and was also appointed the Assistant to the Defense Attaché. Clients she has worked with includes:  Loyang Primary School , Changkat  Changi Secondary School, Woh Hup Pte Ltd and many more. 

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