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Nu Quest Management Pte , operational since 1st April 2000, is a training and consulting Ltd

organization of facilitators and consultants, that uses its extensive networking resources to provide its partners (clients) in learning with programmes and services facilitated by experienced facilitators in their respective fields.


We provide our clients with the highest quality experiential consulting, programming , and training services that lead to outcomes of increased learning, sustained organizational effectiveness and personal enrichment Where Learning is an Adventure.


We will continuously utilize the most up-to-date techniques and training procedures while remaining educated and informed to industrry advances within the experiential training and development field.


We believe that an atmosphere which is dynamic and fun, yet challenging; one that promotes learning through adventure, creativity, effort and risk taking will breed success.

We focus on people rather than activities and provide programmes that are physically and psychologically safe.



"Nurturing Individuals And Organisations For The Knowledge-Based Economy Through Educational And Training"



"Be the best among the best in nurturing personal and organizational learning"

It's All About PEOPLE We Firmly Believe In


An opportunity to take risks and step beyond one's comfort zone that promeotes a powerful learning experience.


People learn best when they are actively engaged and challenged to solve the complex issues of their organization.


People are capable pf transcending virtually anything that stands between them and their highest aspirations.




We see as central to our efforts, internally and externally, the importance of adding value. We seek to see measurable improvements in any endavor we engage in. That means: individually, as a group/team, as company, and as a world citizen.



We intend to intergrate our words, actions, and values. We seek to learn from the "inevitable gap" that will appear. We recognize that exploring this gap can be a rigorous and sometimes uncharted path. We support each other in learning and pursuing integrity in our lives.



We value and practice continuous learning. We take the time to stop and reflect on our interactions, collaborations, client engagements and meetings to improve on our processes, satisfaction and quality. We believe, measure and invest in both individual and organizational learning, be it new tools, processes or techniques.



We believe in the value of teamwork and that working well together yields sublime results. We seek input and participation from others to produce the best possible quality. Doing so encourages a richness of thinking and styles and increases the depth and impact of our work.



We can speak the truth even when it is difficult. Doing so with respect means that we have an intention to reveal our thoughts and feelings honestly while seeking to learn from others. We recognize that honesty an bring vulnerability to ourselves and others. We treat that vulnerability with respect while maintaining our value of openess. Inherent in our words and actions is respect for the human spirit in every person.

Our Transformation Footprints

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