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Warm Greetings!


Nu Quest Management Pte Ltd. is a premier management consulting and professional development firm with more than 23 years of experience serving both corporate and government clients in Singapore and abroad. Nu Quest specializes in the transformation of people, teams, and organizations, helping our clients adapt and thrive in the dynamic global business environment.

We pride ourselves on our track record and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business. Our success, like yours, stems from executing our strategy with focus, purpose and integrity. We have built our business that commits to providing superior cutting-edge services and products. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

Our programs are delivered when and where you want them locally, regionally or internationally and we will work in partnership with you to design, develop and deliver the solution that best fits your culture, learning style and organizational needs.

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Our M.A.D
(Made A Difference)


Year we were borned


Nationalities Reached





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Our Purpose

Together, we engage and inspire people

with future ready entrepreneurial mindset and skills through our innovative human-centred solutions

so as to transform lives and livelihoods 

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Our Transformation Footprints

From global brands and emerging small and medium enterprises, to business leaders and rising talents, we have been engaged to inspire and transform some amazing organisations and talents. Wherever you stand, whatever the challenge, we will help you and your teams make the breakthrough you imagine. 

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Our Strengths





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Nu Quest did a good job in putting together activities which tied up to our core values.  I believe the participants were able to grasp Accenture’s values as evidenced by the photo collage/sharing/debrief.
Trini Ann Vargas

When I joined this course, I was filled with doubt that I would gain anything. I was fearing it would be a waste of time and effort travelling all the way from Bahrain to Qatar. But it turned out that this was one of the best leadership course i ever attended. No regrets at all.
Khalid Sangoor 

The training was not just educational, it was fun and stimulating. The highlight of the training was the innovative compliance boardgame, which featured real case scenarios. This unique approach made the training captivating and helped to foster understanding in a fun and interactive way. There was never a dull moment throughout the training. I commend the trainers for their creativity in using such an innovative means to make compliance training enjoyable and practical. It was a productive learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Maureen Chua

RHB Bank 

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